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Originally Posted by tudwell View Post
I have Federer at a max of 12805 if he wins all those and goes undefeated at the WTF. According to this site, Federer will be at 9805 if he wins Shanghai. With 500 from Basel, 1000 from Paris, and 1500 from the WTF, he'd reach 12805 (12605 if he lost a round robin match; just 5 points short of Djokovic). Like I said, though, I don't know if that includes 0-pointers and stuff. Where did your extra 185 points come from?
Well, i added a 100 more pts to federer that are wrong, his ranking would really be 12895 not 12985.

My calculations are about adding the points to the present race points:

Federer: Race points as of today: 9075, if he wins next 4 tournaments: 9075+820+500+1000+1500=12895. If im not wrong he is not receiving any other 0-pointer in case of playing basel.

Djokovic: Race points as of today: 10590, if he makes final of next 3 tournaments: 10590+420+600+1000=12610. He may receive a 0-pointer for not playing basel, please someone correct me if im wrong.
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