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Originally Posted by markcoop View Post
Thanks for the responses. My biggest concern is hurting my finger further, or delaying the healing process. I would wear a splint that prevents the finger from bending, but I'm concerned about the vibration traveling to the finger.
I think the pain will be ok.

I did read through some of the other threads. I didn't find specifically what I'm looking for (will I cause further damage if I'm wearing the splint).
You need to ask your Dr those important questions, not people on the internet.

There is plenty of information searching. Here is a more detailed description by some Dr. I would not accept anything from this article but use it to extend your research of your injury.

A friend of mine has it. I do not think that his injury will completely heal. He was injured catching a platform tennis ball. If it were my injury I would do everything your Dr says and more to give my tendon every chance to reconnect or otherwise heal.

How did it happen, did the BB hit the end of your finger?

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