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Most of my doctors knew I was going to resume my sports while still in the recovery process.
Before my time, the accepted course of action for any injury was rest rest rest, no stress and rest some more.
During the late '60's, a new idea was put forth by some "medical experts"... maybe use the body to promote whatever the body needs to heal and recover is better than sleeping an laying around ???
With any usage, there is always in increased chance of a re injury, while the injured part is still healing. That is countered by the effects of exercise to accelerate the body's natural healing process.
Every doctor told me not to exercise (do my sport) as their first course of counsel, to cover their butts. EVERY doctor smiled and said, "good luck, don't crash, and let's see" when I told them I was going back to racing in a cast, or while the collarbone was one week set.
I made the decision to take the chance. They reaped the benefits of the dumb test dummy.
After 5 days removed from my 13 month left leg cast, I went surfing in the heaviest WestCoast waves, OceanBeachSF at 6' and hollow. I had made a fiberglass "cast" to tape around my shrunken leg, to support and protect it in case the surfboard hit it wrong. I used crutches to get to the water's edge.
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