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Originally Posted by RogerFan1991 View Post
Well, i added a 100 more pts to federer that are wrong, his ranking would really be 12895 not 12985.

My calculations are about adding the points to the present race points:

Federer: Race points as of today: 9075, if he wins next 4 tournaments: 9075+820+500+1000+1500=12895. If im not wrong he is not receiving any other 0-pointer in case of playing basel.

Djokovic: Race points as of today: 10590, if he makes final of next 3 tournaments: 10590+420+600+1000=12610. He may receive a 0-pointer for not playing basel, please someone correct me if im wrong.
I think you're still adding some points to Federer. According to the ATP website, Federer's at 8895 before Shanghai points. Adding the 90 he has from a quarterfinal showing, that's 8985. Where did you get 9075?
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