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Originally Posted by coaching32yrs View Post
Some of the posters on this thread don't understand the realities of tennis. I believe they never played and competed in the sport at a high level. They freely throw around terms like could have been an elite player or world class player. They don't get it.....there is one young American male in the top 80. There are no world class players in this country who just didn't get the right opportunity and coaching. The academies and training programs are starving for top players, because they believe it attracts other full paying juniors. My player, a 4 star not an elite athlete, was offered a scholarship at a tennis program- and he didn't even ask for one! I know one player, a 3 star, training on a full scholarship. Most of the programs have 3 or 4 levels. One or 2 kids at the very top helps fill the lower levels with full paying customers. Tennis parents wrongfully believe their junior will get so much better hitting with the hotshot junior in the area.
Your player was offered a scholarship years after training at a high level.

How about the kid who is a track star, excelled in soccer as a young kid (father is a soccer coach) and plays tennis but has only been coached by her parents until age 8 and then the local community tennis center coach who does not teach solid fundamentals and footwork, and does not get decent training until she is in her late teens; yet she makes it to a 4-star level, and is currently playing DI tennis.

But I guess you would have us believe that this kid would only ever be a DI player even if she had an excellent coach starting at a young age....because of the example of "your player."

I'm sorry your reality is not the same as it is for everyone else.

There is no need to condescendingly dismiss other people's experiences because they do not match your own.

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