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Originally Posted by NTRPolice View Post
(1)I dont see that happening in a "college doubles tournament" or in any tournament for that matter. If its college level tennis there should be chair umps... if not, at least some roaming officials.

(2)So is walking up to the net and slamming the ball into the service box and calling out "15-love". You are totally in your right to "get a ref", but doing what you did is not only a... foot fault... but also unsportsmanlike conduct and would result in suspension in most cases.

The response to cheating is not to cheat back harder. It never is.

Great story, but not very believable, and if it did happen, that was a really stupid thing to do. You not only risk defaulting the entire match but also risk being sanctioned. If this was just a "college aged people playing tennis" then whatever, but to do that in a "college doubles tournament" is just beyond stupid.

If someone is "that bad" then just call a ref. Imagine if they called a ref on you for doing that? Or if a ref just happened to look over and see those antics?
You've never played college tennis so I'm sure you wouldn't know--I on the other hand played on scholarship for an NCAA National Championship team. There were no roaming officials and besides they only see what they happen to see while they're roaming. This was a 26 court facility--and as I said there were no on court officials, and no roaming officials. There are times you need to take control over your own life and not just say 'I'm telling on you!'. The situation was handled on court by the 4 of us and worked out fine. The other guy foot faulted (cheated) repeatedly, my partner did it once and made his point. I don't care if you don't believe, but it did happen just as I relayed. And I've got a lot more stories from my experiences in college and on tour should you wish to learn. I think you'd be very surprised at what goes on in the real world.

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