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Originally Posted by merwy View Post
Was this just a "Talk Tennis prediction" or did you really bet money on this? Anyway, very good job man. I could NEVER see this coming and I have no idea how you knew he would lose a set to Almagro and win in straights against Tipsy.. since Tipsarevic is the better player, especially on hard court. Anyway, great job man and I'm not unhappy with the outcome either since I really like Haas.
For me it starts with a simple hunch that a player (Haas in this case) is hungary to make a run, he also really has less to loose. I looked at the draw and saw some possibility because Almagro and Tipsy are both in contention for the O2 WTF. Haas finds himself once again knocking on the door of top 20 status and will be swinging and moving very free with his confidence high. His opponents on the other hand have the little bird in the ear telling them they must perform or no world tour final. Haas just has the instinct and will act on it.

I understood that Haas would have a tough match with Almagro and felt it probable that Haas could outstage him on this surface at this point in the year. Pound for pound the match is a toss up and went with my gut that this was Haas's moment to shine (and) I just don't picture Almagro making a serious run on the WTF... this is an important aspect of my successful prediction on Haas (keep in mind that Haas really is a better hard court player, regardless of either of they're recent results). Haas is the kind of guy that understands an opportunity when he is presented with one and is certainly not afraid to win when the chips are down. I picked Haas in three and was right.

For me: I saw the Robredo/Bogo pairing and just knew that Robredo would out perform thus setting up the Haas/Robredo (Haas in straight sets on Chineese hard court... easy pick)

Now for the Tipsi/Haas Match today: I knew that Haas would be beaming with confidence and would absolutely pressure at every opportunity, which he clearly did with near perfection. Tipsy was lucky to find himself at the 02 last year as an alternate. His mentality is usually fairly good as of late but I figured he was due for a poor performance with the stakes as high as they are for him at the moment. Now, if Haas finds himself in the R3 at a masters 1000 having gotten through a first round that he may not have been expected to win... well, I see him playing free, moving well, comming in when the chances arrise... In short I forsaw Haas playing brilliant and Tipsy feeling the pressure and getting blindsided by an opponent of substance... Haas in straight sets made the most feeling of probability for me. My biggest negative thought was that Tipsy may fall before R3, thus not making the match with Haas possible. That would have sucked.
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