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I didn't make the reference to McCarthy.

I merely pointed out that USADA has no political agenda.

I don't share your support of political persecution.

Originally Posted by Dedans Penthouse View Post
So, from the above:

* Is Armstrong a doper? Most likely-we'll give that one a "yes."
* Strip Armstrong of his 7 little bicycle race awards? Yes.
* Ban Armstrong from any bicycle race affiliations? Yes.

---> Lance Armstrong...going....going......'gone'

__________________________________________________ __________

"the persecution of Assange" - LMAO!

Kinda obvious that ol' Lance was only the 1/2 of it eh, Bartelby?

So, from the above:

one can now conclude that you're even capable of extending your Yankeephobe agenda to include aligning yourself with rapists.

Bartelby supports rapists.

whadda ya think? ..... pretty disengenuous, eh?
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