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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
That new Blade 98 has a nice SW to it. I bet it hits a rather heavy ball even in stock weight.
The blx blade I demoed swung like a log. Felt like there was SOOO much weight in the head, it was a no-go early on. Of course, the rub is that Wilson quality control being what it is, you never know if what I had was the norm, but I read some other people who thought the same. I could get a Prestige Mid around so much quicker than that particular Blade.

Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Well it is a very respected and highly used frame. It also gets a lot of spin for a tight pattern. Id love to get a gads comparison between it and the ps95 since they are both fairly flexy by the numbers.
Been so long now since I've hit with the KBlade, would be interesting to go back to it and see how I'd hit with it comparing to the new frames I've now replaced it with in my bag. Vs. the Pro Staff 95, KBlade is much stiffer/crisper, but I never found the Blade to be quite as rigid or hollow as Bab tweeners, but still, more on the stiff side rather than soft, which is where the PS 95 resides. Blade 98 has more plow and a lower trajectory, but still with a LOT of spin when you want to spin it... That's why an open-pattern Blade doesn't get me so excited, because I felt like the K98 gave me all the spin I wanted... Serves - both pummel serves. Volleys, PS 95 definitely more stable at net with a little more feel.
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