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Originally Posted by mad dog1 View Post
if everyone approached life with this attitude, we'd still be in the stone age.
This is totally inane as I am not approaching life with this attitude, I approach stringing a racquet with this attitude. I clearly stated that in my post. You chose to extrapolate this into some life vision and therein lies the problem. If you are given the task of filling your car up with gas, assuming your old enough to do so, do you pontificate as grandly on that simple task as well? What should the handle position be? What is the best flow rate? How deep should the fill pipe be inserted for optimum aeration of the gasoline? Is a blend of the 3 octane levels, a hybrid, better than the manufacturer's recommendation? You're not building an engine, your filling a gas tank.

@TimothyO - the best method is the one that is used by the vast majority of stringers around the world - string at the indicated tension. I agree with what someone said about allowing for differences in machines, that's solid advice. For you to get a consistent string job, use one stringer and tell him to pull it like you want it, no incantations or mumbo jumbo or letting the tension head sit for 5 minutes to allow the string to "breath". I would also encourage you to get into stringing, it is fun, but it turns some folks into pseudo-quantum physicists it appears.
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