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Originally Posted by tennisnut09 View Post
I notice that you have the co focus cross at 9 lbs lower than the gut. How does it play and is there a purpose of doing that? Sorry, I am learning about gut now. Thanks!
As you can tell with what you've probably been reading, there are many methods to string a racket. I use a yonex and I prefer using percentages when taking an initial calculation on how to tension a hybrid. There are two percentages involved - 10% lower poly when compared to a multi or gut string and an additional 5% for the yonex isometric head shape that comes to a total of 15%. A gut main tension of 57 with a poly cross is 57*0.85 = 48.45 lbs. At the moment I have no real complaints about the string bed and these percentages are what I have always used in the yonex line.
Yonex VCORE 95D - Pacific Classic 16 x MSV Co-Focus 1.18 @ 54/45 lbs

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