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Originally Posted by tennis5 View Post
So, looking at the dates and draw sizes for 2013, and I noticed an interesting date change for July.

Level 2, traditionally, July 2nd tournament starts on July 3rd?
So, the 3 DAY L2 runs from July 3rd to the 5th.

But, then the regional L3 ( with the new reduced draws of 32, remember this use to be the only 64) starts on July 6th.

So, most people will have to fly on the 5th afternoon/evening to get there by the 6th to start at 8:00 am.

Am I missing something here. Not even a day off?
I noticed that too. L2 ends on one day & the L3 starts the very NEXT day. It's crazy.

Also, another update for 2014.....Texas originally was with SoCal/NorCal/SW. Now Texas is with MoValley/Med west/Northern. The pathway may take me to Fargo ND or Toledo Ohio in Feb....instead of Disneyland. Thanks Pmac.

(They moved the PacNW in with the Cals in place of TX)

With the segregation taking place between the top 16 & everyone else & the fewer slots available at all tourneys, I still don't understand the need for Geographical regions. All kids at all tourneys (except for maybe the new L4s) will be chasing is possible. Let us pick the tourney that makes the most sense for the family

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