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X-rays are more to rule out some other problem - a torn or inflamed groin muscle/tendon wouldn't turn up on an x-ray.

The best way to return from an injury after a period of rest is to do so by slowly increasing the level of activity and the length of time doing it.

The trouble on a tennis court is that our competitive instincts take over, and we try to get to that ball that would not be that big a problem before an injury.

But the acceleration and force to get after the ball is more than the healing area can yet tolerate.

So before returning to tennis, you may want to test it out with some light jogging.

If that is okay, advance to a short hitting session - no serving- and no frantic rushes after ball.

If that is okay advance to a longer hitting session.

In such a way you minimize the chance of an early recurrence.

[Do you have an off season training program to stengthen your body to handle the rigors of next season?
Do you at least do the squat/lunge routine suggested by snoopy above?]
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