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Originally Posted by Readers View Post
BTW when everyone use 90-110 sq graphite frame, better player still wins, you indeed do not have a point and is hopelessly ********.
If that's the case, why are there so many threads saying that Federer needs to switch to a bigger racquet if he wants to keep winning? Obviously, a lot of people think a bigger racquet makes it easier for you to win than a smaller one, right? So why do people think Federer would play better if he switched to Murray's or Djokovic's or Nadal's racquet?

During the wood era, I NEVER heard anyone say that McEnroe would win more if he switched from his wood racquet to Borg's wood racquet or Gerulaitis' wood racquet. Why? Because everyone knew that they were all pretty much the same and didn't give any player an advantage over another. That's obviously no longer true today. Or else why do so many people here keep buying or trying new racquets and new strings all the time? Obviously, they feel they gain an advantage with them.
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