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Originally Posted by flyinghippos101 View Post
I ended up paying around $115 for the iphone 5.
You got a pretty good deal!

And $56 a month is a steal. Verizon, a.k.a pricegougingmachine charges
$100 per month for 2GB and 1 phone + tax
$110 per month for 3GB and 1 phone + tax
... and so on.

For me, no phone is worth buying for that kind of shared plan. Even, if we consider a 2GB limited data plan, it amounts to $720 extra money over 2 years than I am currently paying for a $70 per month unlimited 3G data on Verizon. Ergo, I'm sticking with old secondhand phones for as long as Verizon allows me to steer away from their Share Everything Crap.

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