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Originally Posted by BreakPoint View Post
Why would all fencers use swords when an AK-47 would do the job so much better and make it easier for them to win? Isn't that progress? Why do baseball players use wooden bats when aluminum bats would make it easier for them to hit home runs? Isn't that progress? Why do cyclists ride bicycles when motorcycles would make it so much easier for them to win races? Isn't that progress?

Oh, and how is today's tennis "better" than before? Because it isn't! It's worse! That's regression, not progress.
Dude you are totally ********, first, no one in sports of fencing is trying to kill, so AK-47 or 74 won't work... also there rules about racquet, no one is going to bring a wall or a ball shooting machine-gun on court.

You are just so stupid.

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