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Originally Posted by BreakPoint View Post
You just said that Federer would play "better" with a bigger racquet so that he's not using the racquet that lets him play his best. Are you saying Federer is a "bad player" and is not "intelligent"?

Would Nadal play as well with Federer's racquet as with his APD? No? Then Nadal is not the better player himself, is he? It's his racquet that makes him the better player, not himself.
You are not just stupid, but also a deceptive *** trying to put word in other people's mouth.

Federer plays better with a 90 than 85, that's why he switched to a bigger frame to go on and win 17 slams, that's why he is smart, not ******** like you.

Federer plays better with a 90 and Nadal with a 100, got a probelm you brainless ape?
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