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The Lance doping scandal is front page of the hard copy of the New York Times. I'll get around to reading it when I have a chance.

If you go through some of the earlier posts, there is evidence which suggests that doping while widespread, was not universally practiced.

We will never know if he could've won any tours without doping. He started doping very early on, but I'd rather not go into the grisly details.

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After having read some of that 200+ pages report and a few of the affidavits, I really do think Armstrong doped. I was on the fence previously.

But I think labeling Armstrong a cheat is only half the story and a tragic one as well. Let's not forget the entire pelothon (or very close to it) was also doped up.

It is tragic because I really think without doping, he could have still won a few TDFs. Doping helps, but legally winning the general category in the TDF still requires plenty of planning, preparation and strategy.
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