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Originally Posted by charliefedererer View Post

I gave up playing tennis for 6 weeks when I incurred a mallet finger when I attempted to catch a smashed tennis ball, rather than let it fly into an adjacent court.
That was years ago and I am pleased to have a normal functioning finger.
I'm trying to understanding this injury and so far have the following picture: The tendon that goes to the end of the finger on the top attaches at more than one location on the bones of the finger (I have to check this). ?. The last attachment on a finger is small and if an impact or other stress occurs in an unfortunate way the tendon rips off at the last attachment. There is difficulty in healing if the tendon is completely off the bone and somehow must find & reattach to the bone. If some of the tendon is still attached I guess healing is much more likely. ?

There's often a lot of uncertainty with injuries even after MRI's and other imaging. Since you had this injury, do you know the nature of your tendon damage, complete or partial detachment? If you don't know, can you speculate on what might have happened especially since you healed so well?

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