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Default Murray is such a disgrace...

Watching Murray against Stepanek, and seeing the same old antics from Murray I cannot stand the guy anymore. He is such a little brat and he is a complete disgrace to the game. The commentators themselves were annoyed with his behavior saying they thought he would now start to behave like a champion and a real man.... Well, no he is still a child and doesn't behave like any of the real champions Fed, Nadal, Djoko.

One commentator was astonished that Murray was complaining again every time he was losing a ball that he was sick, tired, injured this and that.... Jesus, become a man Andy! I am so tired of his constant complaining, badmouth, and racquet breaking, ball throwing in the stand etc....
You have no dignity, just accept the fight like everybody else in any physical and mental state you are in, thats' it.
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