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Originally Posted by smirker View Post
Has anyone here hit with the X-Feel Tour and if so which Fischer frame is it underneath the PJ? It intrigues me as it is a tweener spec with a 56RA which my elbow would appreciate.
It's predecessor is the Fischer Magnetic Tour Lite ( ). I've hit with it a bit, and it is a real nice frame, but if I were to play with it I'd have to add 25+ grams to give it some heft.

Like other Fischer frames Pacific has released, it's fairly low powered, but unlike the X Force Pro and X Feel Tour 95, it's not a stiffer version of its predecessor. In fact, looking at the specs, it seems to be a tad less stiff.

I know a few people who are using this frame and are really enjoying it. From what I gather, though, you'll know from the first hit whether its for you or not. The people I know who have hit with it either love it or hate it.
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