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Originally Posted by FoldingChair View Post
Just recently I started hitting with Fischers and they truly are gems! On the bay I purchased a practically brand new Mpro No1 SL (red and green) and it is honestly the best stick I have ever taken to the courts. If I could just find some more, I would be more than happy to buy at least two additional ones but alas Fischer is no more and i'm not really willing to buy an xforce pro
Have you hit with the X Force Pro? I ask because I used the M Pro No. 1 for a bit (the black/green/yellow version) before demoing the X Force Pro, and found it to be a slightly stiffer version, but in a good way. It still retained much of the feel, as well as control, but added just a tad more power.

After many rounds of demoing, I decided I actually liked it better than the M Pro No. 1 and picked up 3 of them. One year later, I'm even more happy with my choice.

On a side note, I still have my M Pro No. 1s, and would offer them to you, but they were extended to 27 1/2", then put back to 27" (previous owner did that), so they're not the original handle/palette. Plus, as I said, they're the black/green/yellow, not the black/green/red.
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