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Hello all,

first post for me. I m a 4.0-4.5 player from Germany (so excuse my english) and i m looking for a new racquet. Over the last years i only played several Wilsons all with 18x20 string pattern but somehow i feel like looking for something else.

Tested the last 2 days (about 1 1/2 hours each) the Pacific XForce Pro and was utterly impressed. Totally fell in love with that one! It feels like all my strokes improved and my hitting partner cursed several times that i should take my old Wilson again to give him a chance (ok was a bit joking but nevertheless it was good played from me).

I will test some other frames as well, just to be sure, but so far i would buy the XForce Pro immediatly.

The only problem is that its the first racquet in 29 years of tennis (damn am i really that old... well started with 6) that hurts my arm!
The test racquet i used has a damaged grip in my opinion. Last end of grip feels a bit soft and moving (sorry for cant describing it better) and the market sign at the bottom is missing (no problem with that but perhaps another indicator that something is wrong).

Also the string used is not my own but i normally dont spent much thought on strings (more like hoping they last long ) and on my racquets i even tried harder and softer string usage so dont think the problem lies there.
All my former Wilsons in the last years were some grams heavier so dont think its a problem with weight.

Perhaps it really comes only from the grip. Sometimes when i havent hit the ball in sweetspot (especially at service) it felt like hitting directly through to the ellbow. Wasnt that bad and still a blast to play with it, but for a new racquet not exactly ideal. And even today the arm hurts a bit which i m not used to.

Someone of you had the same problems? Can the lightly damaged grip really be the cause of that? Dont had the impression that this frame is arm-unfriendly as far as i read about it. Its also not the best advertising to use a new brand that has a damaged grip but perhaps it was just bad luck. At least i hope bad luck and not bad quality of Pacific.

So would be nice if someone can tell me their experiences in regard of arm friendliness of this nice racquet.
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