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Originally Posted by The Bawss View Post
A+ thread, not even joking. It's refreshing to see someone finally voice what we all feel. Many choose to overlook his many flaws and shortcomings because "he is all Britain has got" but I for one wish to distance myself from such a disgrace. Slam champion (we can debate the merits of this win some other time) yet in back to back matches he breaks a racket? Or what about the swearing at the top of his voice? It's about time the umpires manned up and started dishing out warnings and point penalties for his behaviour. The worst thing is that he, and everyone in the stadium, knew he was going to win against Stepanek, so why all the humdrum?
Haha, I'm starting to think that you are to Murray, what Clarky is to Nadal......hmmm
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