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Originally Posted by Mick3391 View Post
AMEN. Finally it's time that someone agrees with me, and I'll bet dollars to donuts that the person making this post can really play.

These guys today, the so called "Modern Tennis" is no more than people with no skills using monster spin rackets just returning the ball, anyone can do that. But to win, you must PLACE SHOTS, many times slow shots are more effective than "Heavy shots", yet the amateurs on this forum don't understand this.

I will ralley a guy at the baseline with my "Small" PS 90, they just cut over and over with their Bab 100 spin rackets, it's so predictable, so simple for me to move them around, I MUST place my shots, must go back and forth, then just drop over the net, baseliners, even at the pro level have no clue what to do with that, it makes them mentally insecure, they never know if you are going long or drop it, so they have no clue where to play.

My 11 year old sons best shots are to hit with me baseline to baseline, then disquise his shot and drop it over the net, I can't get it. I'm not what I used to be, but I can't get it, a flat drop to my back hand where I can't even get to it is effective.

85-90" rackets are the best, they force you to place your shots, not just be a Andy Murray type and simply get the ball over the net.

Of course beginners will claim they play well with huge heads, but they are playing better than they actually play, shot making needs to be returned to Tennis and it will, you'll see....
Ironically, Andy Murray is one of the best player on tour at placing shots and mixing things up...
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