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I didn't go to a doctor. After some quick searches, it seems so obvious what I have. I guess I don't know if there is a fracture or a tear (an x-ray would show the fracture), but the treatment is the same (splint). I guess I'm guessing a bit here that there's not a big (or multiple) fracture that would require surgery. It didn't seem that bad when it happened. No pain. Just caught the tip of my finger on the basketball. It was a bit freaky that I couldn't lift the tip of the finger. I felt the top of the joint and didn't feel anything crazy. So, no doctor to ask.

charliefedererer - That was a great explanation. The best I've seen and consistent with everything I've read.

So assuming I want to do something stupid (like play tennis while it's healing), I guess the longer I wait the better. I mean playing after 3 weeks would most likely be much better than playing right now because those strands are stronger. Remember, I'm not going to bend my finger for 6 weeks. Just want it to heal to the point where it could withstand some vibration.
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