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Originally Posted by powerslave View Post
Well the only way you can get close to hitting a shot like Rosewall's skidder is to play on grass courts of the type prepared in those days, remember all old players alluding to how the grass courts in those days had this horrible inconsistent bounce ? Also the balls were smaller and bounced relatively lesser in those days (the old white ones). Then you have the rackets too, a modern racket with a large headsize and strung with poly will bite the ball so the slice will have a lot of underspin than what is needed for a shot that skids off the court, for latter you need to hit the ball flatter with just a hint of underspin and not the modern slice which tends to have a lot of under/side spin.
That's not true in the slightest; none of it. Back in the day the players always complained about the grass at the US Open; used to say it wasn't fit for cows. But Wimbledon was always said to be pristine and the Aussie Open was a quality surface but with more bounce when it baked in the summer heat.

Seriously dude, I got to watch Rosewall play vets tennis alongside Stan Smith, Bob Lutz, Marty Riessen, Newcombe and Tony Roche and he could hit every type of shot off his backhand. He could hit it flat, with dirty slice, fade it away inside-out or roll it with some top. And he did that on hard courts, not grass. He also did it with an oversize Head graphite racquet. It's called talent and it trumps the racquets, balls, surface and generation.
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