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Originally Posted by robbo1970 View Post
He hates losing, nothing wrong in any professional sportsperson to hate losing.

Nadal lost at Wimbledon and hasn't played since because of injuries so its a bit harsh to jump on Murray if he complains about injuries.

Federer has won more than most (ever) but when he loses he has a face like a smacked @rse, because he hates losing.

The only exception I can see is Djokovic who will willingly go around the other side of the court to congratulate his opponent on becomming the first Brit to win a major in 76 years having carried the expectation on a nation on his shoulders since he was 18 years old. But Djokovic is lovably bonkers.

I don't see the point of a thread that is just b1tching about a player. Keep your b1tching to your playgrounds and get back to talking about tennis itself.
Originally Posted by Danny_G13 View Post
Guess I'm a brat too. I get annoyed when I lose a goal, a point, a game.

And I don't conceal it.
Well.... I guess some people need to be spoon fed. Of course all champions hate to lose! That's not the point. The point is how one responds to losing. True champions are also gentlemen. They behave with dignity whether win or lose. Makes it clearer?
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