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Originally Posted by Rabbit View Post
If you are given the task of filling your car up with gas, assuming your old enough to do so, do you pontificate as grandly on that simple task as well? What should the handle position be? You're not building an engine, your filling a gas tank.

@TimothyO - the best method is the one that is used by the vast majority of stringers around the world - string at the indicated tension.
I do not want to tell anyone how to do the job as you know what works best for you. However, even with your gas tank example you have to deal with options, which you learn to do to get the best result. If you are driving a friends car or a new car you have to adapt again.

The same thing goes for the craft of stringing. I have worked or studied with a number of the best stringers in the world and I can tell you they all use different techniques; I watched a stringer from Korea that weaves his string with his tools. The one thing that brings them together is that they all can use all of the best techniques. This is especially evident when they work on stringing teams for the bigger events. This is where you are told to use certain patterns for consistency and to minimize issues.

I have always believed that you should learn it all and use what works best for you and your customer to deliver outstanding service. I just learned a new technique from Parnell that produces a consistent SBS and a beautifully clean string on the outside of the frame. No one method is good for all situations, so we adapt to be better. Just an opinion.

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