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Originally Posted by robbo1970 View Post
Apologies if my post has upset anyone, judging by some of the rather spiteful responses. But I'm sorry this just sounds like someone getting picked upon.

He is not the only sportsman who swears or gets upset if he loses a point. I'm sure they all do at some point.

I think my point has been misunderstood when I said I don't see why a thread like this is necessary or relevant. Yes he gets upset, but all players have at some point.

Has Nadal not berrated officials, has Federer not smashed a racket in anger, has Nalbandian not injured a pensioner?

I just don't see how picking on a human's weaknesses and personal faults is thread worthy.
Don't worry about it. You are the voice of reason. No-one is saying Murray is perfect and some of his occasional negative mannerisms can irritate his fans too (like me) but there is a well-known bunch of guys on here who can't wait to lay into Murray and tear him apart for anything they can lay their grubby little hands on whether it be his style of play (boring pusher etc.), his extraordinary, freakish good luck (only way he can win matches etc.) or his frustrations on court when not playing well (no other player in the history of the game has EVER behaved so badly etc.).

Most of them are laughably predictable. You'll soon see the well-worn pattern and get used to them eventually.
Andy Murray: "In front of the cameras I'm a little bit shy. When the cameras are off I'm a different person."
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