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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Apparently according to Federer fans the toughest and strongest competition in tennis history is when Roddick and Hewitt were #2 and #3 in the game. Hence why ****s so desperately go out of their way to inflate the abilities of them and even say they are really better than Nadal or Djokovic despite the slam count, LOL!
quoted for truth.

Historically speaking, exactly where to Hewitt and Roddick--with their overstated rankings--stand as true forces in the sport?

Nowhere, to be honest. They were blink-and-you-missed them in terms of cutting out a major piece of the sport's history, so for Federer fanatics to ever cite Roddick and/or Hewitt as competition of note illustrates how flimsy their "GOAT" claim is....

...that and Federer was not talented enough to win the Grand Slam.

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