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Originally Posted by Mainad View Post
Murray may cuss a bit but he doesn't spend time abusing line umpires (like Nalbandian at Queens) or smashing up benches (like Djokovic at FO final) . So why all of a sudden is he the worst thing ever to appear on a tennis court when there has been and continues to be much worse behaviour from other players that nobody sees fit to start outraged threads about!

If you don't like Murray (and nobody says you have to) and you don't approve of him for whatever reason, then refrain from watching him and talk about someone you do approve of in threads with a more positive spin instead of getting all worked up about one player as if he's just committed mass murder on centre court or something!
No buddy. This is a forum and people are here to express their views on tennis and players. No one has to agree with what one says or be nice to players who don't know how to behave or do not want to behave on TV. You seem to enjoy, and even rejoice, in Murray's antics but you are a minority in this thread. So if you don't like the thread just go and start your own thread on how great an example Murray is for the younger generation of players and maybe in 5 years time we'll have plenty of swearing and racquet smashing little brats on the ATP tour.
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