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When the x10 arrived I had a few swings and thought no, this thing had a very uniform swing, the head is not very heavy, might be a bit thick, its not gonna rival the c10 is it?
Hitting against the wall there's an obvious stiffer feel and the hoop feels very stable. Doesn't have that sink into the strings dwell feeling I like but nevertheless it does retain that pleasurable volkl feel.
String it up with tour bite a few lbs lower to aid dwell @ 50lbs and added 8g to the top of hoop and 8g top of handle. Its now 356g and 5pts hl, its lighter than my c10s but loses nothing for it. The balance is a couple of points head heavy than I normally play but again this feels just right. Plays amazingly well, more dwell, heavy head now lags behind how I like it, loads of controllable power. A little less cute on volleys which is probably a good thing for me. Easy to switch between sticks also. Decisions tho.....

Picture of my mod to flare one half of the butt cap.

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