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Originally Posted by db379 View Post
No buddy. This is a forum and people are here to express their views on tennis and players. No one has to agree with what one says or be nice to players who don't know how to behave or do not want to behave on TV. You seem to enjoy, and even rejoice, in Murray's antics but you are a minority in this thread.
I see you don't like to read the opinions of someone who disagrees with you do you or you wouldn't have come out with that preposterous statement. What did I say in an earlier post? I'll quote it again for your benefit:

"No-one is saying Murray is perfect and some of his occasional negative mannerisms can irritate his fans too (like me) but there is a well-known bunch of guys on here who can't wait to lay into Murray and tear him apart for anything they can lay their grubby little hands on whether it be his style of play (boring pusher etc.), his extraordinary, freakish good luck (only way he can win matches etc.) or his frustrations on court when not playing well (no other player in the history of the game has EVER behaved so badly etc.)."

It's just that some of us try to put it into some kind of perspective, unlike you.

Originally Posted by db379 View Post
So if you don't like the thread just go and start your own thread on how great an example Murray is for the younger generation of players and maybe in 5 years time we'll have plenty of swearing and racquet smashing little brats on the ATP tour.
Oh I see. Did we have a generation of foul-mouthed, racquet smashing little brats on the tennis tour in the wake of Connors and McEnroe, then? Or can we expect to see some linesman-kicking little thugs like Nalbandian as well?

Somehow I think the world of tennis will survive the occasional negative antics of Murray given that its survived so much worse that has gone before and is going on now. But I guess your right. Who am I to try to interfere with your righteous indignation about Murray's truly evil and horrific behaviour. I just look forward to seeing an equally outraged thread from you when somebody else puts a foot wrong and will think it a tad curious if I don't see one!
Andy Murray: "In front of the cameras I'm a little bit shy. When the cameras are off I'm a different person."
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