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I think most people don't have access to stringing services that even know about the existence of the techniques you mentioned. Usually, they take it to a pro shop or sporting goods store that puts the racquets in a pile for a stringer to do them. The stringer could often be a kid in high school who got trained to do these jobs in a standard way and to get them done in the quickest way possible (which is also the most profitable way). The actual tension you get from a crank machine when someone is working as quickly as possible is so much lower than the setting that it's not even worth specifying the tension you want because you're not going to get it.

Another option is to ship your racquet to a professional stringing service that does know about these techniques and takes pride in their work. I'm scared to even ask about the cost of shipping and the service combined.

That's why I decided to get my own stringing machine.

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