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Originally Posted by TonyB View Post
I think MB is probably a good choice. But the first strings that came to mind were Turbotwist and Polystar Energy.

Of course, Energy is half the price in reel form.

Compared to Polystar Energy, you won't find any other poly that's softer, has more power, does NOT go dead, and plays perfectly right from the start with no break-in required.
I've been using Polystar Energy 17 (reel) on some raquets. It was quite soft on my Prince Rebel 95 (R.I.P. T.T), but it felt quite harsh on my Dunlop Bio 100 (@48 lbs cross). Usually I bashed the stringbed onto the back of my shoe a few times to soften it out. The ball pocketing are different on those two. Now I want to try other options other than PSE.

@pvaudio: o yes, having more pop is a big plus, especially on mid size racquet.

List of suggestions:

Dunlop Black Widow ($12.95)
Kirschbaum Pro Line X ($8.00 - Buy 3 or more for $5.33 per set!)
Kirschbaum Pro Line Evolution ($12.50)
WeissCANNON Mosquito Bite ($9.95)
WeissCANNON Turbotwist ($12.90)
L-TEC Premium OS ($16.9)
MSV Co Focus ($7.90)
Genesis Black magic ($7.90)
Topspin Cyber Flash ($7.49)

Thank you guys, I'll do my best to try some of those strings starting from WeissCANNON and Kirschbaum ones..... Unfortunately, they're quite scarce here. T.T

BTW, how about Volkl Cyclone? I suddenly remember I saw a Chinese store sold its 210m reel for about $65.
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