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My friend is the coach there. He tells me that he cannot get good Americans because they think they are too good for div2. These kids would rather go to UGA and never play than to go div2 and play. Its not the coaches fault its the mentality of our kids and their egos and how they percieve themselves as well as how they see div2 tennis. Here in my hometown we have a division two team that now the coach is really trying to recruit players from georgia and he is from Canada. The problem is hes only able to get average players to come and play. I still applaud his effort to try to bring in more Georgia boys and girls even if they are now not competetive with the top div2 programs. At least hes giving them a shot at playing college tennis. If i was a college coach and my A.D. didnt put pressure on me to win now i would recruit all georgia boys. I would work to develop these players and actually be a coach instead of a recruiter. Thats another big problem with div2 tennis. You have coaches that have no clue how to develop a player they only know how to recruit.
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