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Originally Posted by Prisoner of Birth View Post
You lost all credibility (not that you had much to begin with) with your first line. And you conveniently forget Safin, who is probably Federer's most talented peer. Sampras, like Nadal, had to contend with aging greats and, more importantly, a primary rival who was totally off-the-scene half the time.
I'm not sure what Fed's detractors are trying to prove. All of these players(NOle,Murray,Nadal,Hewitt,Roddick,Safin,Del Potro,Tsonga, Davy, Haas, Gonzo,Bagdatis,Soderling...) ALL belongs to Fed's competition. They all compete against one another and all of their achievements when Fed was present. Fed won all of his slams by having to go through all of them since 2003(pre-prime, prime and post-prime), and his recent slam title was W this year.

If we're comparing Fed vs. Sampras, or Borg vs. Laver competition then this makes more sense because they each have their own playing field to content with. Sampras had his own group to deal with and so does Fed including the names I've mentioned above.
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