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Default Best Babolat string for a Pure Storm GT?

As i've posted on the 'rackets' section i'm receiving three new Babolat Pure Storm GT op Monday.
I have my current Babolat Pure Drive's strung at 50lbs with XCel (yes 50lbs), that's years of playing pretty hard tennis. I need as much comfort as possible on my shoulder, elbow and wrist.
Someone will probably tell me that by string my rackets this loosely i'm missing out on something with my game, Please do say if you think I am?.
What Babolat string and tension would you recommend for me? it has to be a Babolat string as these are what i'm given.
These days i'm probably a 5.0/5.5 and have to take it easy on my right arm's joints.
Would really appreciate some good advice, i'm all ears.......
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