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3 dozen years ago, a bud and me were at Corpus, looking for some hit and giggles doubles (windsurfing trade show, AWIA). Found some likely courts, were hitting around (both of us former A/Open players, but 12 years out of practice) when a couple of cowboys came around to watch. They asked if we wanted to play doubles.
Of course, we said yes, seeing how they were old farts (around 30), stocky, shorthaired, bow legged, 6' tall guys.
After the first set (tiebreaker loss for us), we found out they were the No1 5.0 doubles team in the area, had won every 4.5 doubles that year, and had been playing together for 10 years since college.
We lost the next set 4, as I crumbled under the 90 degree heat. I just could not understand how a couple of old folks without real big anythings could beat us. My bud actually played better, some shots looking like the former A he had been. Me, I reverted to C level tennis, pushing and only keeping the ball low.
My bud and I had never played doubles on the same court with each other.
10 years of experience trumps newbies who hit harder and often as consistently.
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