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It has taken me a while to really dial in my Prestige IG Mid Plus because it is flexier than the previous version but it is a monster now.

I had it all the way up to 13 oz and 10pts headlight with toughgut crosses and Silverstring mains but I just wasnt getting the sting on my second serves and needed more swingweight. Now it's a tad lighter 12.7 oz and 8.5 pts headlight now and it is such a beast. Ive been S&V a lot and rushing the net every chance I get... because I like that and the groundstrokes are so punishing I am forced to come in for putaways by the short balls that come back at me. Change of direction is scary good too, reminds me of the old Max 200G days.

On serves both flat and topspin I can feel it flexing as it carves into the felt of the ball. It just pancakes the poor little fuzzy things and I took out my one of my tougher hitting partners... a 4.5 frequent USTA tourney player with it 6-4. If the sun hadn't been so tough on one side of the court it would have been 6-2 too. If you have the strength for this setup (Im an athletic 220 and 6 ft 2.5in and grew up playing with 14 oz rackets so this is no problem) perhaps try this setup.
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