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Originally Posted by rdis10093 View Post
I hit some semi decent shots, but I was making way to many UE last night, and that is not the way I like to play my game of tennis.

Lets talk strings though, I though that if you had huge differences in tension in the mains and in the crosses that it would warp the frame. Is that not true?
It depends on the types of string as well. I string the way I do because gut is elastic and poly is much stiffer. Because of this difference I can string the poly much lower than gut. I use percentages while others use a few lb differentials.

Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
Key distinction: warp, or deform? Deform, yes. Warping is permanent deformation. I had a stringer in MA string my gut/poly which I typically do at 52/47 string it at 57/47. Within an hour I had it back at the pro shop to be re-done. I hit with that stick last night and it's fine. The warping issue really only occurs when you have an acute stress on the frame or a large amount of stress in one direction. For example, I bet you would warp the frame if you strung the mains only, and then unmounted the racquet to finish the crosses later. Someone like tennezsport, Irvin or drakulie would give a better answer.
Are you acquainted with TennezSport? I actually just got home from a weekly visit to his shop and he's stringing his 98D with Alpha Vengeance at 44lbs mains and 40 crosses. He'd be much better at explaining the deformation of a racket than I can.
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