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Originally Posted by nalvarado View Post
I absolutely love my original IBM Model M but I plan on getting a leopold 10keyless soon for my dorm. Probably brown switches.
All around, I like Browns. The Model M requires a lot of force to actuate, might not be great for fast paced gaming. Cherry Blues are by far my favorite switch, though. If I had a KB dedicated for work, it'd be browns. Currently I'm using a red board, because I lent the brown one to my brother.

I have a LOT of mech keyboards...

ABS M1 w/ swapped out ALPS Whites (didn't like blacks, and found a dumpster dive donor board for new switches). Controller sucks, but this is probably my favorite key feel.

iOne Scorpius M10 - Cherry Blue, cheap board. Stabilizers squeak. Not bad for a first/cheap Mech, but there are MANY more options nowadays than there were when I bought it. Swapped keys from a Cherry OEM board, now it's a Cherry Brown board. Lent it to my brother, hopefully i get it back someday. Better to get something along the lines of:

Coolermaster QuickFire Rapid (TKL). Costar OEM (Filco). Very solid build quality, obnoxious branding (I heard they're toning it down). Frequently runs <$70, highly recommend it if you won't miss the ten keys. (Gamers). Blues are a great switch for typing, and I personally feel that they are great for gaming, too. The actuation point is a little bit lower than the release point, so you may be at a disadvantage if you are very, very rapidly hitting keys (RTS, IMO).

Leopold w/ Cherry Reds: Good board, don't like red switches that much, even for RTS. Too sloppy, accidental keypresses all over the place. Switch action is just too light. I brought this board in to work, added O-rings to quiet it down a little bit. Vague key feel, prefer browns.

Razer BlackWidow w/ blues: Hate macro key placement. I'm a touch typist, and I hit the macro keys when going for the CTRL key. HATE it. Board is obviously lower quality than Tier 1 mfgrs, but it's a pretty OK keyboard.

Chicony ALPS (baby) Blue: Awesome key feel, but PS/2, so I don't use it. Plan to design a custom keyboard around these switches.

IBM Model M: PS/2, no windows key, too "old school" for my tastes. Key feel is excellent, tactility is excellent, but I won't really use this, it's just a "collector's item" for me.

Dell AT101W - Black Alps (complicated). Feel way better than simplified Black ALPS, but I feel the key bump less than with Cherry MX Browns. PS/2, so I don't use.

Other misc boards that aren't notable - a few
4x Dunlop Bio 200 L // Babolat Sensor
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