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Originally Posted by *Sparkle* View Post
This is impossible to predict. Both can reasonably be described as playing badly, for them. I can't believe their fans might object to that, as it's actually a credit to their abilities that they can be described as playing poorly, but still make it to the semi-finals of a Masters 1000. It's the other players that have been left in their wakes that should be feeling the pain of this observation.

There is a possibility that "tired, wounded" Fed will have a bit more motivation to raise his game in the hope of levelling the H2H with Murray. He wasn't great today, but the match wasn't particularly tough.

It's hard to tell how much Andy's cold has been hampering him. He's plainly not at death's door and some of his tennis has been good, but he was plainly not playing at anything like 100% either. An on form Fed could have taken advantage of his sloppy play from the last couple of days. If Andy has a good night's sleep tonight, aided by a later start tomorrow, he could be much improved.

The comparison with the Olympics (and Wimbledon) are equally irrelevant. This isn't grass, this isn't five sets and Roger is still older than Andy.

The conspiracy theorists will presume that both players have been bluffing, deliberately throwing in some bad games, and sets, and will spring onto the court tomorrow like spring lambs, ready to take their opponent by surprise now they have a match against someone worth playing properly for. In reality, they'll both be motivated to lift their games, and we're just guessing which one can make the least stupid mistakes.
Well said. It's really impossible to predict.

Originally Posted by kishnabe View Post

Federer was lucky playing Cilic that is still lost in the woods.
Yeah I was glad Fed played Cilic rather than Verdasco, because Verdasco might put up a fight but as soon as I saw Cilic through I knew it would be a lock for Fed to the semis. He was in a bad mood after the match against Stan, you can see both players were unhappy and Federer didn't do his usual walk around the court on Thursday. QF match probably let him regroup himself and get his game back. Fed still wasn't looking great though. 6-3 6-4 but still broken twice.

Originally Posted by Hood_Man View Post
As of my vote, Federer is only leading this poll by one vote.

Excuse me while I go make a cup of tea, return, take a sip, widen my eyes and raise my eyebrows, and then curse as I have to spend a fortune repairing my laptop for liquid damage as I spray it in shock.

Wow the poll votes went up fast, when I voted it was 70% for Murray.
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