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Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
great post to illustrate what you don't understand.
But you think you know when there is an intention to hit and hands are separating
there? lol
I think they separate at intention to start a bk swing.
You list a bunch of vids with gals having the ball hit right to them and
think that shows anything?
Of course you just turn when the ball is coming to your Fh, but they all
used 2 hands on the racket and did most of the turn with hands in front
of their hands...even in these very poor examples of the topic.
Not the immediate split of the hands shown in tennis books for a unit turn.
not even a good try this time.

None of these are even print references, much less the books on classic
instruction over the last few decades that I referenced.
Hands in front of the hands is not the same as both hands on racket. Don't change your claims now. The hands separated quite early.

Regarding moving to the ball with the hands on the racket - let me see, that is called, well. moving to the ball. As in, without moving to the ball, you cannot hit those balls.
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