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Originally Posted by tennisaddict View Post
Plain and Simple - Murray likes to win matches, hook or crook, by wincing, whining , abusing , faking and cheating.
All true. But don't forget the weather. He often arranges for a windstorm to be blowing just so his opponents won't be able to serve or hit their shots properly. There is nothing he won't stoop to in order to win....the dirty little cheat!

Originally Posted by tennisaddict View Post
And yet appears like a big sport saying 'I can cry like Federer, but cant play like him' . 'Nadal is the greatest player in history'.
It's all lies and fake humility. His tears aren't even genuine. He borrows that stuff actors use when they need to look like they're crying. He does it just to gain sympathy and steal attention from his opponent.

Originally Posted by tennisaddict View Post
No self pride, idiot of the first order.
Mind you, I wish I could be an idiot like him. I'd retire straight away with all that lovely dosh and buy me a vast estate in the highlands of Scotland with its own indoor tennis court and hire locals to play against me so I could shout and swear at them if they dared to get the odd ball past me. Self-respect my ar*e! It's just the ideal way to live!!
Andy Murray: "In front of the cameras I'm a little bit shy. When the cameras are off I'm a different person."

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