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Everyone's talking about how andy hates losing - and that's one thing, but I think what the author of the thread meant to point out is how he does annoying things that other guys in the top 5 don't do when they're losing. Yesterday against stepanek, andy was throwing his racquet into the wall with all the sponsored ads, he also launched a ball into the crowd and got a violation for that. He's a very ****y person in general and maybe that's a societal thing with him being a scotsman (i'm not even joking, they are some very ****y group of people), but I think he what he's become and I don't think he'll change it. I just don't think he cares really what people think of him. And I don't think Nad, Djok, or Fed feel that same level of indifference to the public perception that he does, and that's ok. To me, he's a bit of the black sheep in the crowd, never smiles for the cameras and isn't really adopted as a very likable person. And I actually respect that way more, rather see someone genuine than fake, ahem someone like Romney.

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