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Originally Posted by cork_screw View Post
Everyone's talking about how andy hates losing - and that's one thing, but I think what the author of the thread meant to point out is how he does annoying things that other guys in the top 5 don't do when they're losing. Yesterday against stepanek, andy was throwing his racquet into the wall with all the sponsored ads, he also launched a ball into the crowd and got a violation for that. He's a very ****y person in general and maybe that's a societal thing with him being a scotsman (i'm not even joking, they are some very ****y group of people), but I think he what he's become and I don't think he'll change it. I just don't think he cares really what people think of him. And I don't think Nad, Djok, or Fed feel that same level of indifference to the public perception.
Leaving aside your casual racism, are you really, really saying that no other member of the top 5 have had code violations for racket and or ball abuse?

I really do wish people would stop pulling stuff out of their arses and presenting it as if it was fact.
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