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Its possible,not likely-

"Unlike a decade ago, most tennis pros now typically won’t reach their peak until they are in their 20s, driving up expenses for parents and tennis associations. Teenage Grand Slam champions have become a rare sight as the game has grown in depth and players have become physically stronger. "

"It may cost up to $150,000 in total to prepare a junior player for the pro circuit, according to Patrick McEnroe, general manager of player development at the U.S. Tennis Association. That includes travel, coaching, conditioning and food. The British Lawn Tennis Association estimated it costs around 250,000 pounds ($400,000) to develop a winning player from age 5 to 18. The International Tennis Federation said it may cost at least $35,500 annually for a 17-year-old male junior player on the international circuit to compete and train for 20 weeks a year."

Theres more on this here:

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