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Originally Posted by cork_screw View Post
Everyone's talking about how andy hates losing - and that's one thing, but I think what the author of the thread meant to point out is how he does annoying things that other guys in the top 5 don't do when they're losing.
But why are they necessarily more annoying than what the other 5 get up to when they are losing? Does he take extended MTOS like Nadal is notorious for doing or like Djokovic did in the last game of the USO final when Murray was about to serve out for the match? As for breaking racquets, Djokovic must still hold the record for that one. And as for damaging sponsors property, did Murray kick a seat with the sponsor's logo to pieces as Djokovic did in the final of the FO?

My point is not that Murray doesn't do irritating things when he feels under pressure. He beats himself up too much and shows too much negative body movement and, yes, his language can be a little choice, I agree. Not defending him for those things as some people on here like to think, I'm just pointing out they are part of his personality quirks and he has them just like every other top player has them and not everything he does or doesn't do is necessarily unique to him as some of you on here seem to be proposing. I just don't see that what he does is supposedly so much 'worse' than the foibles other players exhibit when they're under pressure and don't try and tell me they don't have them. This idea that Federer, Djokovic and Nadal are supposedly 'whiter than white' in their on-court behaviour and Murray is supposedly uniquely badly behaved is just not true and is unfair and biased. In my opinion, it's yet another example of how he seems to get treated differently on here to other players and judged by different standards.

Originally Posted by cork_screw View Post
He's a very ****y person in general and maybe that's a societal thing with him being a scotsman (i'm not even joking, they are some very ****y group of people)
Lol, I can't wait to see Fedex and Batz get back you on that one!

Originally Posted by cork_screw View Post
but I think he what he's become and I don't think he'll change it. I just don't think he cares really what people think of him. And I don't think Nad, Djok, or Fed feel that same level of indifference to the public perception that he does, and that's ok. To me, he's a bit of the black sheep in the crowd, never smiles for the cameras and isn't really adopted as a very likable person. And I actually respect that way more, rather see someone genuine than fake, ahem someone like Romney.
You make him seem as if he is a lot tougher than the others. Actually, he is surprisingly emotional. Joking apart, his tears are quite genuine and heartfelt. He really thought he had let British tennis fans down when he lost the Wimbledon final this year and kept apologising to them. Hardly the behaviour of a guy who couldn't give a stuff what the public think. But he's had to put up with so much criticism over the years from the press and so on and, as you can see, certain people on here, that he has tried to develop a thick skin about it and carry on regardless. In all honesty, considering the constant stick he is subjected to, it's a minor miracle he's managed to achieve even a quarter of the things he's managed to do!
Andy Murray: "In front of the cameras I'm a little bit shy. When the cameras are off I'm a different person."

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